Mercy Missions Charitable Trust Endorsements.


Citizens Advice Bureau Papakura

'All the Bureau workers are confident in referring clients to the services of the Mercy Missions Services knowing they will get the best service possible. The clients well being is paramount and the Mercy Misions staff will refer to other services if it is in that clients best interests. We understand that Mercy Missions has a commitment to training and upskilling their staff members making for an ever improving service for the community it serves.' Inga Nu'u Supervisor August 2007

Papakura Ministers' Association

'Mercy Missions serves a wide ranging number of families in the community, especially those in the lower socio-economic group and offers an invaluable service in practical help, counselling many dysfunctional families and people, and encouraging them to find a purpose for living and discover the resources to achieve that. Mercy Missions is a non-profit Charitable organisation which is respected and appreciated by leaders in the Papakura community and wider district. They serve a wide cross-cultural section of the community. They have a dedicated team of volunteers, whose credibility and expertise is recognised and accepted because of years of experience.' Edgar R. Hornblow, JP. Secretary December 2005

Office of the Mayor Papakura District Council

'Mercy Missions has been assisting in the Papakura District for many years now, providing help for those in need. They provide substantial assistance with food around the district and are very much part of the Papakura community. I first came across Mercy Missions when I was a Member of Parliament for Papakura in 1991. They provided an important service then, and continue to do so. Any support that can be given to Mercy Missions Trust would have my full endorsement.' John Robertson Mayor December 2005

Papakura Budget Service Papakura

'Papakura Budget Service is pleased to write in support of Mercy Missions Trust. Since Mercy Missions commenced we have been refering our clients for assistance. Some of our clients come to us in desperate circumstances and Mercy Missions has always been available to help them. We appreciate the time and commitment that Mercy Missions and their many volunteers offer to our community.' Denise Smith Co-ordinator August 2001

Trinity Presbyterian Church Takanini

They are unfailing in their devotion to helping whoever, wherever, and whenever they can. We are impressed by their transparency and openness. We do not recall ever questioning their judgement concerning who should be helped or how a family or individual may be helped.' Andrew Macpherson Pastor August 2007

Member of Parliament for Clevedon

Mercy Missions provides a valuable service to families in the area in regard to food parcels, teaching life skills, cooking skills and referring families on to other organsations and services where there is a need. I have met with Barbara Stone from the Mission and I have seen first hand the great work that the Mission volunteers do. Judith Collins MP Clevedon 2007

Christian Care Budget Service Papakura

For a number of years we have been involved with Mercy Missions who have provided food parcels for many of our clients. This past year a new vision to target the most disadvantaged but also responsive people in our community has proved both challenging and encouraging for us both. A holistic approach to family issues compliments the budgeting advice we provide to the families. Working alongside their leadership and caring representatives has been a privilege for both our staff and clients. Winston Watt Co-ordinator October 2006

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